2018 Marketing Trends

April 27, 2018     Branding & Marketing

Digital marketing is slowly taking over print marketing

With everything changing so rapidly in our internet-dependent world, it can be hard to predict when current marketing techniques will fail and when new ones will materialize, seemingly out of nowhere.

Fortunately, there are companies who work to keep up with the data of this ever-changing world. And because of this data, we are able to decipher and predict what changes we may be seeing in marketing for 2018.

Let’s review a few of the most interesting ones I came across:

Data-driven marketing has led to a 57% increase in revenue for marketers (eMarketer)

This comes as no surprise. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to reach consumers through advertisement—solely because we are learning to tune out all the ads that are thrown in our face every single day. Instead of creating something flashy and cunning to grab anyone’s attention, we now need to narrow our focus and create content specific to our consumers interests. By looking at the data and seeing what tactics get consumers to bite and which ones turn them away, we can create content that works.

Online Marketing Strategy

Since 2013, digital media consumption has increased over 49% in the U.S. (ComScore)

There’s no debating it; technology is taking over and we need to make changes that emulate that. Give me the names of 10 people who are under 80 that don’t have a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Chances are, you can’t. The digital age has effectively enveloped our world, and because of that, media has had to adjust to keep consumers attention. Although newspapers, brochures, pamphlets and the like still exist, they just don’t compete with digital marketing anymore.

I’m not saying that you need to completely turn away from print media—it certainly has its benefits that digital can’t touch. Just realize that if you want to have print marketing, it’s probably not a bad idea to create the same content in digital form as well.

67% of B2C (business to consumer) companies say email newsletters are effective (Content Marketing Institute)

Just because digital is taking the limelight from print, it doesn’t mean that the same content isn’t useful. Newsletters via email are extremely helpful in keeping your consumers updated on what’s happening with your company and informs them of any new products that may benefit them.

State of Social Graph

In a 2018 Buffer survey, 85% of marketers wanted to create more video content (Buffer Social)

Video is above and beyond the most consumed form of media right now. It’s entertaining, visually appealing, and doesn’t require any reading. Consumers can be captivated by anything from a 3 second gif to a 18-minute TED talk. If the content or message is given in the right way, video can be one of your greatest tools for garnering and keeping consumers.

So of course, it makes sense that more organizations are jumping on the video bandwagon. We found video to be extremely effective with some of our clients, and I won’t be surprised if it continues to be one of our most frequented services. Service and ‘how-to’ videos may not be the most exciting things to watch, but they are certainly helpful. Consumers love to have that control of slowing down the process or skipping parts to get the information they need. It’s far more effective than sitting on the phone with an operator who’s trying to explain the step-by-step process.

Videos also help give an organization a sense of professionalism. The way you present yourself to customers is a large part of whether you find success or not. Being able to show consumers that you are trustworthy and professional is a giant benefit for any organization.

Live video is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing marketing tools. A staggering 82% of users would prefer to watch a live video for a brand than to read the same content on a social media post (Entrepreneur)

This last one gave me pause. I, myself, have yet to be a huge advocate for live video, but once I put some thought into it, I completely see why consumers are pulled into this form of marketing. One of the biggest things consumers hate about marketing is the lack of authenticity. So many companies use marketing techniques that seem to hide their true face. They don’t accurately reflect the company or the product, and consumers have become increasingly hesitant because of methods like “clickbait.”

Producing live video has the opposite effect. It’s authentic, entertaining and currently isn’t utilized for spammy marketing (which we do not prescribe to). No wonder consumers are drawn to click on this type of content, rather than read about it.

However, this is still a minimally used form of marketing when compared to regular video content posting, image posting, and blogging. One thing we can take from this, though, is that consumers don’t fall for the quick trick, clickbait nearly as much as they used to. They are looking for honesty, transparency and approachability. If your organization can reflect these three things in your marketing content, you should be able to garner the interest you’re looking for.

Marketing in this digitally-run world is much more difficult than it used to be. It changes at blinding speeds, and if you don’t catch on, you could be left behind. But these changes shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. They are an opportunity for you to be able to connect with your consumers on a more personal level than ever before. They give you a chance to reinvent yourself, become more transparent, and send out the image of your organization that you have always wanted. So why wait? Take it by the horns and be the next organization who’s ahead of the marketing game.

-Kayla Niksic Kokopelli Agency, CEO


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