Kokopelli Has Won 17 Marketing & Design Awards Since 2020

By: Brenden Huey    February 28, 2023     Kokopelli Insights

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Our Awards

We love what we do. Each day, every member of our team comes in and pushes themselves to deliver our best work.

While our greatest feedback comes from seeing our clients succeed, we are also grateful and humbled to have been honored by our industry peers with multiple awards.

Here you can see a quick rundown of the awards we’ve received as a result of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

When we see these, it makes us want to work harder, think bigger, and push further than we have before to deliver award-worthy work for your organization.

You can find just a few of the concrete results we’ve been able to deliver for our clients documented here

2023 Awards

AVAplatinum 2023

AVA 2023 Digital Platinum Award: Video Production/Creative Video Production | Living Root Farm Video

USDA NRCS – Montana wished to reach more producers to show them the benefits of implementing conservation practices while participating in programs and services. We traveled to Montana to meet with farmers, ranchers, and forestry landowners. At Living Root Farm, we met the Van Order family, who shared their story of sharing their produce and their knowledge of urban farming with their small community. “Conservation for the Future: Nurturing Neighbors at Living Root Farm,” shows how they are following a different path than the one so many others have before them in Big Horn County with NRCS’s help. 

AVAgold 2023

AVA 2023 Digital Gold Award: Web-based Production | Website Redesign

Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) wanted to better engage with their customers and provide more of a “one-stop-shop” where users could easily view and track orders and research informational materials and resources. Not only did we create a beautifully designed website from the ground up, but one that is lightning fast which helps with SEO optimization, too. The new website allows DWC to better engage with their customers via a unique customer portal that can be expanded and easily iterated so this forward-thinking, customer focused company can remain on the cutting edge for a long time to come.

2022 Awards

Musesilver 2022

MUSE Creative Awards 2022 Silver Winner: Video – Animation | Guardtime Federal | Introduction to KSI Technology

The Guardtime Federal KSI Technology to secure missions of all kinds is used by governments and enterprises worldwide. To convey the value of this complex technology, we created digestible animations and illustrations. Now they can communicate what they do for their customers without relying on face-to-face meetings with sales teams. 

Musesilver 2022

MUSE Creative Awards 2022 Silver Winner: Corporate Identity – Logos | IVYWILD Logo

Having achieved success in the opera space, Jessica E. Jones wanted to expand her musical interests on the electronic sound scene via alter ego, IVYWILD. She needed a logo to match her retro vibe. We collaborated with Jessica to make IVYWILD stand out with a concept that captured the essence of her brand. 

MARCOM 2022 Gold

Marcom 2022 Gold Award: Digital Media – Website | Guardtime Federal Website

Guardtime Federal provides highly technical, cutting-edge products. One of their biggest challenges was finding a way to show the power of their products in an understandable and accessible manner. We transformed their website into an attractive and vital resource for their sales team and customers, exceeding development standards for loading speeds on desktop and mobile.

MARCOM 2022 Gold

Marcom 2022 Gold Award: Print Media – Writing – Feature Article | Starting Over: Veterans Helping Veterans

USDA NRCS – Texas wished to reach more producers to show them the benefits of their programs and services. We traveled to Texas to meet with private landowners. At GP Ranch, we met Navy veterans Chris and Theda Pogue, who shared their transition from military life to civilian life. “Starting Over: Veterans Helping Veterans Find a Future in Agriculture” shows how they are realizing their dream of becoming farmers with NRCS’s help and passing that knowledge forward to other veterans. 

MARCOM 2022 Platinum

Marcom 2022 Platinum Award: Print Media Marketing/Promotional Materials Specialty Item | Pelsue Tradeshow Booth Design

Pelsue was excited to be back on the tradeshow circuit in 2021 to reconnect with clients. They wanted a unique booth with great aesthetics and functional layout. In a collaborative effort, we created a fresh, informative, and welcoming design to promote networking, generate leads, and build on the well-established Pelsue brand. This bold and purposeful booth has been well received by the client and their customers. 

2021 Awards

Muse 2021 Gold

MUSE Creative Awards 2021 Gold Winner: Website – Design / Web Agency | Kokopelli Agency 

Our goal as a team was to deliver a user experience which is both engaging and functional. As an agency born in the West, we wanted to invite the user into the landscape we know so well and use it as device for visitors to learn more about us. We blend our own unique style with animated graphics and impactful content throughout to create an effective site which is original, refreshing, but also down to earth and easy to access. 

2020 Awards

Hermes Platinum Award 2020

Hermes Creative Awards 2020 Platinum Award: Print Magazine Ad

Designed to run an industry publication, Kokopelli designed an ad with effective visuals and copy which showed off the flagship fall protection system from Pelsue in a limited space. Our team collaborated to create an eye-catching design that offers the customer valuable information without being overwhelming.

Hermes Gold Award 2020

Hermes Creative Awards 2020 Gold Award: Graphic Design 

Quote Ninja Website Illustrations

As part of their overhaul of the entire Quote Ninja brand & website, the design team at Kokopelli created a whole set of illustrations, which help give the website personality, draw the user’s eye, and make navigation even more intuitive. The illustrations are both functional and serve to reinforce the Quote Ninja brand. 

dotComm Platinum Award 2020

dotComm 2020 Platinum Award: Website Creativity

Kokopelli Website Illustrations

When redesigning the Kokopelli website, the design team brought to bear the same creativity that clients benefit from. Using novel and offbeat ideas, the Kokopelli designers managed to create wholly unique graphics that also complement each other and the website as a whole. 

dotComm Gold Award 2020

dotComm 2020 Gold Award: B2B Website

Quote Ninja Website

Kokopelli took the opportunity to redesign the Quote Ninja website and delivered a beautiful, easy-to-navigate, and seamlessly designed website to showcase this innovative B2B quoting app. Detailed without being pedantic, the website makes it easy for customers to find what they need and what makes Quote Ninja great. 

Marcom Platinum Award 2020

Marcom 2020 Platinum Award: Government 

U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy—ACPD: Countering State Sponsored Disinformation Report

As an office of the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy (ACPD) spans the globe with their work. To make sure their report looked and read great, ACPD turned to Kokopelli, who delivered a special report that was readable, attractively designed, and accurately reflected the findings of the ACPD.  

Marcom Gold Award 2020

Marcom 2020 Gold Award: Informational 

Binary Armor—Secure Wildfire Awareness Information Sheet

Binary Armor needs to communicate a complicated product to an audience that is not necessarily well-versed in cybersecurity. They trusted Kokopelli to produce info sheets that clearly and thoroughly explain the advantages their product gives to myriad sectors, such as the capability to monitor power substations to protect them from encroaching wildfires. 

Marcom Gold Award 2020

Marcom 2020 Gold Award: Marketing (Product or Service) 

Pelsue Davit System B2B Marketing & Set-Up Video

The Pelsue Davit system is a versatile workplace fall protection solution with multiple functions and configurations. As part of the Pelsue video library, Kokpelli wrote, shot, and edited a new video highlighting the unique features of this lifesaving product. The videos balance information with eye-catching visuals and engaging editing. 

AVA 2020 Platinum

AVA Digital Awards 2020 Platinum Award: Website Redesign

Western Safety Products Website (launching soon!)

Western Safety Products has a track record of service spanning decades. They brought in Kokopelli to refresh their branding and website to make it easier for customers to find what they need. Kokopelli not only delivered a streamlined website, but one that looks great, setting Western Safety up for success for years to come.

AVA 2020 Gold

AVA Digital Awards 2020 Gold Award: B2B Website 

Binary Armor Website 

Binary Armor, the revolutionary cybersecurity project from Sierra Nevada, needed a website to help launch their multi-faceted products. Kokopelli built Binary Armor a website from the ground up, making it easy to navigate and find what makes Binary Armor uniquely suited to protect their electronic infrastructure. With custom graphics and understandable technical explainers, the site looks as good as it functions.

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Brenden Huey is part creative thinker and part logistician. He is the Chief Strategy & Creative Officer at Kokopelli and he loves to hike, camp, ski, and explore the outdoors.

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