Work From Home Pets: Our New Supervisors

May 4, 2020     Kokopelli Insights

Black Cat

Like others all over the world, we count ourselves fortunate to be working from home right now. We’re very grateful to continue doing work we love during the present crisis. We also know we’re not the only members of our families benefiting from the current arrangement. Our work from home pets are relishing the experience.

We’ve been remiss in acknowledging the contributions of our pets who provide crucial support for our staff. We want to take some time to introduce the extended Kokopelli crew: our work-from-home pets. Hopefully once we do, they’ll stop looking at us with those sad eyes.


Bailey Dog

Bailey has taken to the new and unexpected work arrangements with a good deal of excitement. She is eager to critique design work, but is mostly dedicated to perfecting the fine art of the nap. Such dedication should be admired whether it takes place on the sunny balcony or in the middle of the floor. She takes it upon herself to break in the furniture.

Bailey likes to follow a “stop and smell the flowers” philosophy on all of her walks. Quite literally. She loves those flowers.


Cecil Turtle

Cecil is highly punctual, always on time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She doesn’t let anyone else lag behind either. She butts up against the glass of her tank to signal to all of her co-workers that it’s time to eat. In doing so, Cecil also reminds others to take breaks and feed themselves. She’s an altruistic team player.

She enjoys lettuce and supervising work in the safety and comfort of her tank.

Willow & Bean

Willow Cat

Willow shows incredible resourcefulness to fall asleep on computer keyboards even while they are in use. When not making vital, unexpected contributions to copywriting projects, Willow takes it upon herself to knock over the basket of cat toys—showing leadership and great self-starter tendencies.

After work hours, Willow spends her time cuddling and doing yoga. She expresses her creativity by singing night songs, you can catch her performances most nights around 3 am.

Bean Cat

Bean is an inspiration to all of us with her endless reserves of energy. She’s always eager to go for a run, challenge her own record on the high jump, or engage in impromptu kickboxing sessions with Willow. She’s also serious about her cool-down phase, and has a knack for finding sunbeams for her rest periods.

Bean keeps us on our toes by pretending to be hungry then ignoring her food. Her hobbies include distressing furniture, indoor exploration, and climbing inside sweaters and jackets.

Captain Dog

Captain channels the best of Steve Rogers with his energy, positive attitude, and leadership. He is known to take bold naps that others think impossible (it may seem by reading this post that there’s a lot of overlap in the nap department, but as the pets teach us, every nap is crucial). Captain needs this energy for play and to greet visitors (once we can have visitors again).

Captain loves having his picture taken. So much, in fact that he often prolongs the process with his cheeky refusal to sit still.

Pet Resources

We all love our work from home pets here, and appreciate their invaluable contributions to our work. We want to try to contribute something back.

Especially right now, animal shelters could use support to continue their work. Whether it’s in the form of food, toys, or money, most shelters are always accepting donations. Many shelters are closed to the public right now as they adhere to social distancing guidelines. When shelters reopen, you can also volunteer your time, attention, and love to care for animals still searching for their homes.

If you have a preferred local shelter, great! If not, Bailey suggests Lifeline Puppy Rescue in Brighton, Colorado. Bean and Willow would both appreciate it if you considered supporting MaxFund, which is located in Denver along with the Denver Dumb Friends League, a favorite of Captain’s. Cecil, being from upstate New York, is both the most practiced at remote work and a big fan of the SPCA of Erie County.

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