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The Problem

Guardtime Federal provides highly technical, cutting-edge products designed that many customers have a hard time wrapping their heads around. They needed to show the power of their products but make it understandable and accessible.

The Solution

Guardtime Federal chose to work with Kokopelli and got a creative partner who dedicated themselves to learning and understanding their unique selling points so that they could better reach the audience Guardtime Federal needed to reach.

The Result

Kokopelli delivered Guardtime Federal refined branding, digestible animations, and a new website written to communicate their many advantages clearly and accurately. Now their sales team have several powerful tools to reach customers.

Kokopelli's commitment to understanding our products, customers, and brand were very impressive. They became a very trusted advisor to help our company put its best foot forward in our market.

Michael McChesney, Director of Finance

What we Delivered

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Content Writing

  • Website Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Team Illustrations

  • Animated Video

  • Application Design

Web Design & Development

Having a professional, modern website is important for all businesses, but for Guardtime Federal it was vital. With their complex product and sophisticated audience, their site needed to demonstrate expertise, build trust, & perform consistently.

The experienced team of developers and designers at Kokopelli transformed the Guardtime website into a vital resource for their sales team, producing a fast, stylish website that meets their customers where they are and puts their product first.

The Guardtime Federal website uses a number of tools to communicate their important selling points: written copy, video, and animation. Even with all this, the site meets or exceeds development standards for loading speeds on desktop and mobile.

Kokopelli took everything Guardtime Federal needed to communicate and packaged it in a fast, attractive, fitting package.

DocketBuilder App Design

Guardtime Federal had a revolutionary idea: make KSI protection available to manufacturers of all sizes on the defense and intelligence supply chains by creating an easy-to-use app that they can use regardless of the size of their IT department.

Kokopelli took the functionality Guardtime wanted to offer customers and created an accessible app that’s simple, secure, and efficient. Now DocketBuilder is a cornerstone of the Guardtime Federal lineup that their customers love.

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Animation & Graphic Design

Guardtime Federal produces cutting-edge products using complex technology. They needed a way to clearly communicate what they do for their customers without relying on face-to-face meetings with their sales team.

The team at Kokopelli came up with powerful tools to communicate their innovative tech and freeing the Guardtime sales team to focus on expanding their reach. Working together with their engineers, we created animations and illustrations that break down their process step-by-step for audiences of all levels.

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