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The Problem

MTN had only engaged with a Google Ads agency and were looking for a full-service partner to help them grow their business.

The Solution

Kokopelli came on board as an integrated marketing partner to get MTN where it wished to be by first taking the time to learn about their mission, services, and products before deciding what elements to focus on.

The Result

Massage Tables Now experienced record levels of revenue after working with Kokopelli to manage the marketing for their brand.

We wanted to grow to a level that enabled us to provide better service. Kokopelli did a deep dive and accomplished this for us in a matter of months. Our sales jumped and we were able to hire the help needed to provide quality service.

Steven Pflaster, Massage Tables Now Owner

What we Delivered

  • General Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Email Campaign

  • SEO Optimization


With roots as a friendly and small—yet professional and specialized—company focused on providing unmatched customer service, Massage Tables Now knew it was time for a new look and feel. They wanted to set themselves apart from the competition and make a memorable impression on potential new customers in the competitive digital marketing landscape. 

Massage Tables Now turned to Kokopelli to establish an identity to represent the entire company and increase sales. This came with a fresh logo, attractive new color palette, high-quality images, and other design elements to appeal to a wider audience. 

As a result of the rebrand, Kokopelli was able to help Massage Tables Now to convey what they were all about, communicating their vision and values while making an important connection with existing and potential new customers.

Google Ads Management

Before tapping into Kokopelli for Google Ads management expertise, Massage Tables Now had worked with a large Google Ads agency which had not provided the ROI they were looking for. Kokopelli came prepared to help Massage Tables Now by evaluating and adjusting combinations to increase revenue and achieve sustainable growth with measurable results that could be tracked and seen.

Kokopelli identified Massage Tables Now’s targeted audience in order to improve lead generation without killing their advertising budget. We worked hard to reach a wider audience through a variety of ad types complemented by other digital marketing efforts including email blasts and a social media campaign.

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Marketing Strategy

Once the Kokopelli team had taken the time to learn about Massage Tables Now and fully define the new brand, an integrated marketing campaign was developed that defined strategic objectives and how to reach them through holistic marketing, including design improvements, product page copy, updated SEO, advertising, and more.

It was important to Massage Tables Now to maintain their customer-focused image by including educational copy and helpful information across their website to help customers make educated purchasing decisions. Because of this, the Kokopelli team doubled down on making sure their website product pages were enjoyable to look at, easy to navigate, easy to understand, and informative.

Now, Massage Tables Now has a multifaceted marketing campaign that reaches a larger audience while ensuring their customers are receiving the same message when interacting with the company’s brand.

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