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The Problem

With nearly 60 years under their belts as an established business/brand, Pelsue lagged behind the competition when it came to marketing.

The Solution

Kokopelli stepped in as the Pelsue marketing partner, immediately advising them against using dull/dated tactics that were no longer effective or relevant in favor of results-driven marketing with a goal of enhancing customer engagement and increasing revenue.

The Result

With Kokopelli as a trusted partner, Pelsue enjoyed the best year in the company’s history. Demand increased dramatically with a 1+ year waitlist for many of their products. The Kokopelli team overhauled their product catalog, developed and designed a modern website, and created a blog, newsletter, and over 10 instructional, educational, and hype videos for their vehicle, tent, and fall protection lines.

I highly recommend Kokopelli. We started with a single video, and after an enjoyable experience, as well as witnessing the positive effects from their work, we continue to hire them. Kokopelli goes far beyond the expected.

Christian Miller, President

What we Delivered

  • General Marketing

  • Branding

  • Video Production & Animation

  • Copywriting

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Email Campaign

  • SEO Optimization

  • Print & Graphic Design

Integrated Markting Partner

Pelsue has been in business for over half a century, but despite their success, their marketing hadlagged behind. They realized in order to remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape,they needed to rethink their marketing strategy including wanting an updated website, catalog, and marketing materials.

Kokopelli entered the scene as an invested partner, providing Pelsue with invaluable research andstrategic planning, marketing plans tailored to their needs as opposed to one-size-fits all, campaign management, and critical data analysis and reporting to revamp and modernize their marketing plan.

Kokopelli worked closely with Pelsue to create a brand-new website that’s easier to navigate, features hundreds of new product photos, well-researched product descriptions,and a powerful quoting tool to save time and money. Now the Pelsue brand reflects their experience, quality, and reputation, helping them to stand out among their competitors.

Pelsue enjoyed the best year in the company's history after Kokopelli stepped in. Demand increased dramatically with over 1-year waitlists for some products. Kokopelli overhauled their product catalog, built a new website, kicked off a blog and newsletter, and filmed nearly a dozen videos. 

Video Production

Pelsue was looking for new ways to tell their audience about theirwide-ranging line of customized solutions including telecommunications, utilities, and other industries.

They wanted to educate their audience on their products, some of which are too complex or involved to describe via copy alone. Pelsue partnered with the Kokopelli creative team who suggested using video and animation to create stunning eCommerce videos to help Pelsue stand out by increasing engagement on their digital and social channels.

Kokopelli rolled outinstructional and promotional videos promoting their fall protection, vehicle, and tent lines. With a suggestedmix of traditional and animation, Kokopelli found a balance in the videos to show how easy their systems and products are to set-upand use while also hyping theirinnovative solutions. The Kokopelli team worked closely with Pelsue technical staff and customer service to create informativescripts, providing high quality content writing, editing, post-production, music & sound effects resulting in engaging videos to increase sales.

Pelsue Fall Protection sales went up 81% in 2020 as the r B2B marketing strategy unfolded. This contributed to increased interest and understanding of how their product works.

All Pelsue product videos are nowfeatured prominently on their website and social media channels and are something they can show at trade shows to educate their audience, drive interest in their products, and increase sales.  

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Manufacturers like Pelsue face unique challenges when it comes to SEO, which often requires expert strategy to outrank their competitors online. Pelsue trusted the Kokopelli team to increase their online visibilityby more effectively sharing their story and their products with a greater audience through improved SEO and growing an organic presence.

Kokopelli got to work learning about Pelsue as well as understanding their customer interest and intent to build content that would address and capture that intent. They responded by performing an audit, optimization of SEO content, content analysis and strategy, keyword strategy, preparedreports and competitor analysis, providedwebsite support, andcreated high-quality content, including a blog that helps Pelsue reach customers with stories tailored to draw the users they want.

Thanks to Kokopelli, Pelsue now has a website that’s more visible which means more traffic and more opportunities to convert potential prospects into loyal customers.

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