NRCS Texas helps farmers and ranchers

work the land.

Kokopelli brings

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The Problem

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) works with independent farmers and ranchers to provide them with equipment, training, and partnerships. They wanted to reach more producers to show them how transformative their services could be.

The Solution

Kokopelli and NRCS worked together to film the stories of some of the farmers and ranchers who have been helped by NRCS. Kokopelli worked from pre- to post-production to capture and craft their powerful and unique situations.

The Result

NRCS now has a suite of more than 50 videos and written articles that are reaching farmers and ranchers across the country with impactful stories of lives, families, and operations that are thriving thanks to their help.

Kokopelli was very easy to work with. With our agency, we work with all kinds of producers – different genders, ages, cultures, backgrounds, experience levels. Kokopelli handled it all very well. Kokopelli is personable and real.

Dee Ann Littlefield,

NRCS Public Affairs Specialist

What we Delivered

  • Video Campaign Planning

  • Video Pre-Production

  • On-Site Filming

  • Post-Production & Editing

  • Copywriting

Video Planning and Production

NRCS wanted to spread the word about the work they do with independent producers across the US by telling individual stories that highlight their transformative services. To fully encompass what they do, they wanted to interview farmers and ranchers all across Texas.

By choosing Kokopelli to produce these videos, NRCS chose a partner who knows how crucial the hard work of pre-production is to the success of a project. Kokopelli worked with stakeholders to create a production plan that allowed us to efficiently and fully capture these widespread stories.

Kokopelli interviewers and videographers came prepared, asking questions that brought out the rich detail of their story, and capturing footage of the land that brought the NRCS message to life. The Kokopelli pre-production methods helped ensure NRCS got effective videos.

Video Editing

Great video begins in the editing process, and Kokopelli made sure that NRCS received final videos that were more than the sum of their parts. By trusting the skilled, attentive, and seasoned editors at Kokopelli, NRCS made sure their videos were designed to be effective.

The Kokopelli team worked to build each video around the most important things NRCS needed to convey, making the difficult choices about what ought to be cut to better serve the story of each farmer.

Through this laborious process, the Kokopelli team stayed focused on the story NRCS wanted to tell. Our editors have the technical skill to transform footage, while remaining committed to putting the story before flashy tricks.

NRCS received intentionally-crafted videos that make their farmers’ stories shine.  

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NRCS wanted written stories to accompany videos to help their landowners’ success stories reach the broadest audience possible. The writers at Kokopelli sifted through hours of interview footage to craft dozens of articles that reach audiences their videos wouldn’t.

Each article started with a Kokopelli writer getting to know the farmer they would focus on—what made them special, what they had achieved, and how NRCS helped them along the way. These articles weren’t just churned out: they were crafted around their subject.

Through the feedback and editing process, our writers used their years of experience to make each farmer’s story come to life on the page, helping readers identify with them and see for themselves how NRCS services can help them.

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