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The Problem

Western Safety had built up a lot of goodwill over the years, and, though the time had come to refresh their website and branding, they didn’t want to lose the identity they had invested in for so long.

The Solution

Kokopelli worked to understand both where Western Safety had come from and where they wanted to go. Our team guided them through a brand remodel that took what was working for them and made it current, professional, and true to them.

The Result

Western Safety now has a thorough brand style guide and beautiful, modern website that showcases their professionalism and their legacy at the same time. Western Safety is now positioned to serve their customers for a long time to come.

Western Safety Products had a website that was outdated and was not very user friendly to navigate. We partnered with Kokopelli, who completely overhauled our website. Our new website is exceptionally fast and is supporting 50,000+ SKUs and counting.

Gavin Murphy, Western Safety

What we Delivered

  • Headless Website Development

  • Website Design

  • eCommerce Integration

  • Complete Brand Overhaul

  • Logo Design

  • Style Guide Development

  • Technical SEO

  • Copywriting

Headless Development

Western Safety was no longer happy with their existing website. It had served them well in the past but was clearly showing its age and doing nothing to attract customers. They needed a website that both looked great and functioned smoothly.

Kokopelli had just the solution: headless website development, which uses the powerful APIs of BigCommerce or Shopify on the back end but allows developers to custom-build the front end unshackled by the constraints of templates that may not fit.

Western Safety now has a site that embraces the latest in web development to augment their hard-earned reputation. Their dedicated service is now combined with a web presence that serves, rather than frustrates, their customers.

Western Safety puts their customers first; Kokopelli ensured their website does the same. 

Website Design

Embracing a headless development model allowed our designers the freedom to give Western Safety and their customers a modern, easy-to-navigate website that reinforces the storied Western Safety brand with every element.

The design team at Kokopelli have spent years studying web design best practices and brought those principles to building a new site for Western Safety. 

With its easy and accessible navigation, bold colors, and eye-catching blocks, the new site is beautiful and organized. Kokopelli balanced elements that speak to accumulated decades of brand identity and others that renovate their style.

It takes attentive designers to balance these competing needs. The Kokopelli team dedicate themselves to clients, learning about them, their products, and their story. That dedication made it possible for Kokopelli to deliver for Western Safety.

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Brand Design

Western Safety spent years establishing their good name with their customers, and even though the time had come for a refresh, they wanted to make sure their new look still held the same cachet with their customers.

Kokopelli took everything about Western Safety into account: their goals, potential, and heritage. It’s not easy to express everything about a brand’s identity in an image. But that’s what our designers do.

Kokopelli worked with Western Safety, going back and forth to make sure every detail fit what they envisioned for their company. With their feedback and the signature Kokopelli skill, Western Safety was able to overhaul their brand while staying true to it.

Now Western Safety has a brand-new logo, color pallet, and style guide they can rely on for years to come. 

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