Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful engagement tool and offers an excellent ROI. By using email to send newsletters, new product disclosures and upcoming event announcements, you can grab the attention of your consumers and keep them up-to-date with your organization. Kokopelli® can write, design and manage your email marketing campaign, while giving you detailed reports of the progress along the way.

At Kokopelli® we make email newsletters from the ground up with original and organic content designed around your organization’s brand. We believe email newsletters that are personable and authentic, create more value for your organization. Customers more than ever are looking for brands that align with their beliefs. We’ve all seen the tone-deaf email blasts that overflow our inbox—often ending up unread and in the spam folder. That doesn’t fly with us. At Kokopelli, our job is to help create and add value for your organization and that starts with creating meaningful content.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing. It allows you to connect to your consumers on a much more personal level. By developing or improving your email marketing strategy, we can help you build relationships and keep consumers informed about your organization’s products and services. We will make sure the messaging is tailored specifically to those on the receiving end. This helps prevent anything from being lost in the spam folder, while it also allows the consumer to feel like they are connecting with your organization on a more personal level.

Our approach is all about creating a positive customer experience—through well-written tailored content and good design. If you’re looking to engage more customers and build on relationships, give us a call.

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Total project costs depend on the size and scope of the project. We work tirelessly to create solutions that will add value for your organization and treat every client with the time and respect they deserve.