Industrial Marketing

We can help your industrial company navigate the ever changing digital landscape. Whether it’s by generating new leads, or helping sales staff close deals, we are specialists in industrial marketing. We can craft complete integrated marketing strategies or execute on specific solutions. At Kokopelli®, we make sure to utilize the marketing services which will add the most value for your organization.

Specialists in Industrial Marketing

We know what its like to work with industrial companies—and how to deliver results. We recognize the importance of truly understanding a company’s products and solutions. Your time and money are important. That’s why we like to dig in and become experts in your products. If you’re ready for an agency who is eager to learn and understand you, you’ve landed in the right place. At Kokopelli®, we create partnerships, not clients.

Your Success is Our Success

At Kokopelli®, we aren’t here to sell you useless marketing schemes. We are a full-service agency rooted in driving meaningful results and creating solutions that matter. We want to dig deep, identify ways to help, and work with you to develop those changes. As a value-based company, we’ll identify the solutions which will add the most value for your organization, and which ones won’t.

Want an agency who understands you?

The Kokopelli is a symbol that has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years. But for us, it means more than that. The Kokopelli is often believed to represent storytellers—the bards of Native American culture.

Who We Are

Kokopelli® is a full-service marketing and video production agency located in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in working with industrial and manufacturing companies, both local and across the country.

From integrated marketing, to website design and development, to video production and distribution, we can be your one-stop marketing shop.

Unlike many other marketing agencies, Kokopelli is a small, personalized company who can give you the attention you deserve. We value the relationships we have with our clients, which means we strive to be honest, attentive, and responsive. Exceptional support comes standard at Kokopelli.

We are industrial marketing specialists who will drive meaningful results for your company.

Our Services

Integrated Marketing Services Icon
Integrated Marketing

One common issue we see with our industrial clients is the lack of marketing strategy. Many companies have marketing elements, whether it be print, web, or video, but not many understand how to integrate everything together successfully. Kokopelli will help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan that encompasses everything from data analysis to campaign management.

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Web Design & Development

Let’s face it—if your website is taking over 3 seconds to load, you’re losing customers. If your site isn’t compatible with phones or tablets, you’re losing customers. If your site isn’t simple to use, or even simple to find, you’re losing customers. Having an easy to navigate, mobile friendly and well-optimized website makes a giant impact when it comes to growing your business and improving sales. Kokopelli thrives off of this type of work, and we would love to help you update and revitalize your site!

ECommerce Site Services Icon

eCommerce is one of the best ways to get your products distributed to a larger audience. However, there are a lot of issues when it comes to making sure the site is updated, running correctly, and optimized in a way that consumers can easily find it. A lot of eCommerce sits are outdated and difficult to navigate. This can dissuade buyers from making a purchase. Kokopelli will make sure your eCommerce site is functional, updated and optimized correctly so you can start improving sales, as well as improve the relationships with your consumers.

Video Production Services Icon
Video/Film Production

Video is quickly becoming the fastest way to not only garner attention for a new product, but also to relieve some stress in other areas of your workflow. We produce everything from product videos that show off your newest innovation, to service videos that help your customers set-up or maintain one of your products. Kokopelli can manage the entire production, from script writing to post production and distribution. In other words, the process is virtually painless for you. 

Print & Graphic Design Services Icon
Print & Graphic Design

Whether it be for print or digital platforms, Kokopelli will design something that corresponds with your company and what you represent. Oftentimes with industrial companies, the branding is outdated and inconsistent with how the organization has grown and developed. The branding no longer reflects what you want the company to represent. Fortunately, with new print design (catalogs, posters, brochures) as well as new graphic design (logos, video intros, digital ads) your company can improve its image drastically, which, in turn, can improve your consumer’s overall experience.

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Social Media

When used correctly, social media is a great way to share important information, such as new products or upcoming events, with your consumers. For instance, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are all excellent platforms to share your content, utilize ads, and gain brand awareness. Kokopelli can manage your platforms, run your ad campaigns and analyze which methods are benefiting your company.

Commercial Photography Services Icon
Commercial Photography

Updated and visually appealing photography of your products can have a considerable effect on consumers decisions to make a purchase. Companies we’ve worked with have had extremely outdated photography, or no photography at all. This was playing a major role on whether or not these products were gaining any attention with new consumers. However, after updating and adding professional photography to these products, there was a noticeable increase in consumer interest. As an industrial company, you should be proud of the products your produce—why not show off these products accurately?

Industrial Marketing Use Cases

Kokopelli® has been able to completely revamp and modernize Pelsue’s brand. We have filmed and produced videos aimed at selling products and helping customers through useful service and operation videos. Similarly, we have designed and printed ads, posters, and brochures that Pelsue can use during trade shows to help garner the interest of a customer.

We were able to completely reconstruct a brand new catalog for Pelsue, with updated photography and information. Most recently, we built a brand new, user friendly, optimized website which will propel Pelsue past its competitors in the increasingly important digital landscape.

Read more about how we have helped Pelsue boost sales and improve their brand image.

Check out the new Pelsue website!

In the summer of 2016, Kokopelli® was hired by Wanco to help create sales and service videos, and to distribute them in a way that was easily accessible to customers. By early 2018, Kokopelli had created 36 videos with nearly 3 hours of content covering a wide range of Wanco products.

The product and sales videos are used by Wanco when they are talking to a potential buyer. The videos not only provide great visuals, but help show the features that set their products apart.

With the help of Kokopelli, Wanco now has an entire video library that covers most of their product lines which help sell their products and educate their customers. The videos are easy to find and access, and provide a level of service not found in most of the manufacturing industry.

Read more about how we helped create a new video library for Wanco.

Check out the video library we created for Wanco!

Nova was running into a problem many industrial and manufacturing companies deal with when trying to work with some marketing agencies. When looking to update their website, Nova found a company who didn’t really listen to who they were and what they needed. 

Fortunately, they contacted Kokopelli® and we were able to quickly jump in and start mending the issues. We created a new logo that would better represent who they are. We began to fix their website and improve the content. This all happened with the help of understanding who Nova was, what they wanted from the site, and who they wanted to target. 

New Logo Compared With Old Logo

Website Before & After

Pelsue’s website was redesigned from the ground up to provide a better customer experience, generate more leads, and enhance the overall branding. The new website includes a distributor locator map, the ability for customers to add products and accessories to a quote, a video showcase page instead of sending users to YouTube, redesigned product pages, and an auto-populating search so users can easily find what they are looking for.

What Makes Us Different

  • Quality – Just as the products you manufacture are made to high quality standards, so is our work. When our industrial clients have a marketing plan that works, they are successful in growing business. If you’re happy, we’re happy. We don’t prescribe the “good enough” philosophy. We are constantly evaluating the work we’ve done and how we can improve.


  • Reliable – We understand how important it is in the manufacturing world to get things done on time, no matter how short the notice. Our clients depend on us to come through, and we take that role seriously. We deliver on all projects we undertake, big or small. No exceptions.


  • Responsive – It can be fatiguing and tiresome to constantly wait on a big agency to respond to changes you want made.  We refuse to play that game, and always make sure to give you the attention you deserve. It is one of our top priorities to respond to our clients quickly with fast turnaround times. Exceptional support comes standard at Kokopelli. 

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Total project costs depend on the size and scope of the project. We work tirelessly to create solutions that will add value for your organization and treat every client with the time and respect they deserve.