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It takes expertise, attention, and effort to make an impact in multiple industries. That’s exactly what Kokopelli has done. We’ve created meaningful work for our clients in aerospace, eCommerce, industrial, healthcare, government, and other industries.

Below you’ll find select samples of our work. See for yourself what we’ve been able to accomplish for our clients and know it’s just the beginning of what we can do for you.

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Selected Works

The USDA NRCS Texas trusted Kokopelli to tell the story of their Small Farmer of the Year award nominee.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service turned to Kokopelli to celebrate their services and the story of their Small Farmer of the Year, Billy Wright.

Kokopelli helped CCDC create in-depth training material for medical professionals.

Kokopelli created well-researched, understandable training videos that help CCDC educate medical professionals on the needs of disabled individuals.

Kokopelli helped the U.S. State Department create the Countering State Sponsored Disinformation report.

The ACPD trusted Kokopelli to deliver outstanding graphic design and we executed.

Sierra Nevada Corporation needed help introducing Binary Armor to the market, and Kokopelli stepped up.

Kokopelli not only designed sharp, effective graphics for Binary Armor, we also crafted thorough but readable technical documentation, and built a brand new website to house it all.

Kokopelli redesigned the B2B Ninja website with more personality and improved functionality.

Kokopelli took the opportunity to redesign the B2B Ninja website and delivered a beautiful, easy-to-navigate, and seamlessly designed website to showcase this innovative B2B quoting app.

Pelsue has a website that’s as impressive as they are, thanks to Kokopelli.

Pelsue chose to partner with Kokopelli, and now their website stands out amongst their competitors.

Kokopelli produced an entire video library to show off every aspect of each Wanco product.

Kokopelli created an extensive library highlighting each Wanco product and key features for future customers and current users alike.

Kokopelli helped the U.S. State Department create the annual report of the Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.

Kokopelli prepared outstanding graphics for the U.S. State Department to present their important annual report on Public Diplomacy & International Broadcasting.

Kokopelli brought a new era of success to NCS with comprehensive marketing.

National Call Systems counted on Kokopelli to make a difference in multiple areas: a new website, refreshed branding, ad management, and more.

Kokopelli produced a video campaign that helped Mind Springs Health meet their funding goals to build a new hospital.

Mind Springs Health trusted Kokopelli to produce effective videos to help raise funds for a new hospital. Together, they succeeded.

An Award-Winning team

While the best feedback we get comes from seeing our clients succeed, everyone at Kokopelli is deeply grateful to see our work recognized by industry experts.

Here you can see the array of awards we have won for our web design, graphics and more. When we embark on a project, excellence is not our goal—it's our standard.

See Our Awards
City of Denver logo

"The Kokopelli team was very flexible - working with us to ensure that we stayed within budget and by informing us when we needed to revisit our approach if we were starting to deviate from the scope of work. This was a new innovative project, and we could only broadly define deliverables before getting started. It's because Kokopelli did such a great job staying organized from the administrative perspective while also designing and creating and producing very high quality work that I'm very proud to share our project with our school communities. Kokopelli met every challenge proactively and got the job done."

Lisa Diaz - City of Denver

B2B Ninja Logo

"Having worked in the digital realm my entire adult life I can say that without a doubt Kokopelli is on a mission to change the agency landscape. Their approach involves something that seems so simplistic but is lost by most agencies I've worked with. Kokopelli listens and tunes into the business they're working for. They take a long term holistic approach based on the full picture of the business, and not a few metrics they can use to make themselves look good. When they say they're going to deliver, they DELIVER. The quality of the product, communication, and long-term results never fail to exceed our expectations."

John McCann - CEO, B2B Ninja

Pelsue logo

"I highly recommend Kokopelli® to any company wishing to enhance their image and take their marketing strengths to new heights, large or small. We started with a single video, and after such an enjoyable experience, as well as witnessing the positive effects from their work, we continue to hire them for all of our marketing projects now. Kokopelli goes far beyond the expected."

Christian Miller - President, Sales & Marketing Pelsue

FPS logo white text

"Kokopelli is always innovative. They are continuously brainstorming how they can help us do things better, which sometimes you don't get a lot of. They give us a lot of insight on just what's going on, even before I ask. They're very on top of the data and what should be tweaked to make things better. If a strategy is not working, then they try to figure out something better. Kokopelli has put in those extra touches that take time or can be tedious, but it makes a big difference in the long run. They've been great. Kokopelli has made my job easier as far as all the behind the scenes and marketing. "

Patty Corthell - CEO, First Place Supply

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