Kokopelli® teamed up with Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital to create a campaign video using storytelling to demonstrate the dire need for an expanded psychiatric hospital to help serve the Western Slope of Colorado.

With the help of our video, Mind Springs raised the necessary $17.75 million to build the new hospital.

When the hospital was completed in December, Mind Springs contacted Kokopelli to create a sizzle reel for them—a way to show off the great accomplishment at the grand opening event. We were so fortunate to be a part of such an impactful project.

Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives

West Springs Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City. The state of Colorado averages 24 beds per 100,000 people; for every 100,000 people between Denver and Salt Lake City, there’s 6.

Mind Springs Health & West Springs Hospital understands that mental health is just as important as physical health. And with 1 in 4 adult Americans getting diagnosed with some form of mental illness in a given year, access to appropriate health care is not just important, it’s essential in saving lives.

Kokopelli® teamed up with Mind Springs to figure out a way to capture this message through video, so that donors could see how big of an impact a new hospital would have for the Western Slope of Colorado. We interviewed a variety of patients and professionals to understand what exactly happens if you have a mental health crisis and there’s no beds available.

We captured Tom Burn’s story of what it was like going from living an everyday life, to suddenly feeling like everything was spiraling out of control. It wasn’t until his family connected him with Mind Springs Health & West Springs Hospital that he was finally able to receive the help he needed.

After years of dedication, grit, and determination by many key figures, the idea of the hospital finally became a reality. The new West Springs Hospital officially opened their doors to patients on December 11, 2018.

The Building Sanctuary│Rebuilding Lives campaign was more than just building an expanded hospital—it was a campaign about saving lives.

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