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Photograph of Kokopelli Pictures at a shoot
Photograph of Kokopelli Pictures during a shoot

Kokopelli® has been able to completely revamp and modernize Pelsue’s marketing strategy. In less than a year, we have filmed and produced over 10 videos aimed at selling products and helping customers through useful service and operation videos. We have designed and printed 12 ads, posters, and brochures that Pelsue can use during trade shows to help garner the interest of a customer. But most importantly, we were able to completely reconstruct a brand new catalog for Pelsue, with updated photography and information.

To do all of this, we needed to dig down to the nitty gritty and discover who Pelsue was.

What did they represent? What style of messaging best suited their image and would give them the best results? How could we design a product that would help them sell, without trying to represent Pelsue as something it was not?

Through a rigorous 5 month process, we were able to update the photography for over 75 products, amend any outdated information on these products, and reinvent the way everything was being sold. With previous catalogs, many of the products were lost to a disorganized setup of the catalog, so we knew that was something that needed to be fixed. We organized the new catalog in a way that customers would understand—if you were searching for a specific product, it was much easier to find.

Pelsue has already found success in the catalog. When they take it to trade shows or go to meet a customers, it is one of the most helpful tools to inform a potential buyer about a product while also giving an accurate, updated visual at the same time.

Kokopelli® is an external marketing company with an in-house feel­. We work to become a part of your company so that we can better understand who you are and what you do. In turn, it creates a marketing strategy that better drives results. Nuance matters. Knowing a customer’s products matter. And our clients trust us to be their advocate through the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Website Before & After

Pelsue’s website was redesigned from the ground up to provide a better customer experience, generate more leads, and enhance the overall branding. The new website includes a distributor locator map, the ability for customers to add products and accessories to a quote, a video showcase page instead of sending users to YouTube, redesigned product pages, and an auto-populating search so users can easily find what they are looking for.

Redesigned Catalog

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