The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce is a documentary on how Grand Junction’s medical community has made health care both patient-centered and cost-effective. Kokopelli® went behind the scenes of Grand Junction’s medical system to capture how the community saves nearly 33% on Medicare costs compared to the national average.

Health care is in the news almost every day, but few people know about the innovation that is happening right now in the state of Colorado. We want to show people how a medical community can come together and create not only large cost-savings but also better care.

“Literally the first time in my life, in all my medical experiences, that I feel connected with my physician. It’s a neat feeling to know there is someone I can trust with health. And as far as Grand Junction’s medical facilities and everything are…I’d be lost. I’d be dead without them.”

In a time where health care is simply a political talking point, The Secret Sauce takes a non-partisan look at a medical community which collaborates, innovates, and strives for improvement—placing the patient first.

The documentary interviews current leaders in medicine, past pioneers who created the system, and new voices who look to continue the tradition of innovation.

“If you work together, if you collaborate, good things can happen. And a lot of that motivation comes out of what was done here before,” said Michael Pramenko, Executive Director of Primary Care Partners.

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