In the summer of 2016, Kokopelli® was hired by Wanco to help create sales and service videos, and to distribute them in a way that was easily accessible to customers. By early 2018, Kokopelli had created 36 videos with nearly 3 hours of content covering a wide range of Wanco products.

The product and sales videos are used by Wanco when they are talking to a potential buyer. The videos not only provide great visuals, but help show the features that set their products apart.

The service videos are used by Wanco as how-to tutorials on a wide variety of topics from using the In-Cabinet Controller on Wanco Message Signs to the operation of the Wanco Mini Solar Surveillance Trailer. Wanco was spending far too much time answering basic questions on how to operate the products and then walking customers through the process. Wanco wanted Kokopelli to create videos that would answer most, if not all of these fundamental questions at a cost-effective price point.

Kokopelli quickly learned everything we could about Wanco and their products. We became well-versed in the language of their industry, so we could create videos that accurately described the product in the terms that customers would understand.

We created a full-array of sales and service videos for Wanco, then uploaded them onto their YouTube channel. However, unlike most other channel pages, which typically have every video organized chronologically, Kokopelli made sure to redesign Wanco’s channel page in a way that made it easy navigate and find exactly the type of video you were looking for. We created playlists for each collection of videos—everything from broad topics such as ‘Product Videos,’ to narrowed specifics like ‘Remote Video Message Sign Operation.

With the help of Kokopelli, Wanco now has an entire video library that covers most of their product lines which help sell their products and educate their customers. The videos are easy to find and access, and provide a level of service not found in most of the manufacturing industry.

Screenshot of Wanco YouTube Channel
Wanco’s YouTube channel is organized by category, making it easy to navigate and find what you need.
Screenshot of Wanco video with over 1000 views
The video traffic has continued to increase steadily since we began.

Check out Wanco’s YouTube channel HERE!


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