Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic way of bringing users to your website. It is the art of ranking high in search results for a specific set of keywords.

Search Engine Optimization can dramatically improve the traffic to your website. Moreover, you aren’t having to pay for the clicks. An SEO strategy includes tailoring your website’s content to a specific set of keywords, creating meaningful and valuable content, optimizing your site so it is user-friendly, targeting the correct keywords, building up the links coming into your site, and more. At Kokopelli®, we can do it all.

Gone are the days of key-word stacking (loading a page with keywords even though the content was weak). Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving and changing. Google is looking for quality content that is going to provide the user with an accurate and positive experience when they click. If a user is searching for the new iPhone, the top search results will bring the user to pages which highly relate to the new iPhone. You’re not going to see pages about the iPhone 6, competitor phones, computers, or unrelated topics. Likely, one of the top 3 search results is going to be what you’re looking for.

Additionally, SEO now applies to videos and local business listings. Google is continuing to incorporate videos into search results and we’re expecting that to grow more and more. For business listings, especially retail stores—it is extremely valuable to rank high on local listings. Both require different strategies.

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