Complete Marketing Plan

A complete marketing plan is the most cost-effective way to maximize the return of your investment. Too often, marketing takes place in silos, resulting in a fragmented and inconsistent message.

Kokopelli® is a full-service marketing agency that can start from scratch, building and creating a plan & strategy that is going to be the most effective for your organization’s budget. We have the skill set and capability to execute your strategy, without having to contract out to other costly organizations.

We start by learning about your company—and not just that surface level learning—we do our research, we dig in, and we become well versed in your organization’s mission, services, and products. We’ve worked on the messaging for complex medical concepts all the way to satellite communication systems.

Once Kokopelli® has learned about your organization and the objectives you want to reach, we start developing a plan and strategy. Our goal is to tell your story to the right audience with the right message.

Managing a marketing strategy can be time-consuming and take away from other organizational needs that need to be focused on. Typically, your organization might have to assign the role to someone—but they might not have a marketing background, or the technical/creative skill set to execute on the strategy.

We at Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital have been very pleased working with Brenden, Kayla and Kokopelli® to tell the powerful stories of our clients and organization. As the leading provider of mental health and addiction care on the western slope, we really appreciate their enthusiasm in helping get the word out about the importance of mental health, and their sensitivity working both with our clients and our staff. The videos they have done for us have really touched the heart and been instrumental in our fundraising to build a new psychiatric hospital.

Sharon Raggio

President & CEO, Mind Springs Health

Kokopelli can create a complete marketing plan and effectively execute the strategy. We are responsive and quickly adapt to the ever-changing media landscape. We get back to you quickly and provide honest answers about what we think will and won’t work.

Our complete marketing plans are designed by having the right mix for your company, whether its video, websites, SEO, print design, social media, or PPC campaigns. Your organization might benefit the most from websites, SEO and video, but not social. Or your organization might stand a lot to gain from social but not print design. With our complete marketing strategy, we find the right mix, continually adapt to the ever-changing landscape, and create a cohesive message that will drive results.

Our clients often feel like we are a natural extension of their company—and that’s our goal. We know them well and generate the results you’d expect from effective campaigns.

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Total project costs depend on the size and scope of the project. We work tirelessly to create solutions that will add value for your organization and treat every client with the time and respect they deserve.