The Sunriser

At Kokopelli, we believe quality journalism matters. That’s why we’ve sponsored the Sunriser by The Colorado Sun.

We believe The Colorado Sun is an innovative news outlet which provides quality journalism and in-depth reporting. The Sunriser is an easy-to-digest newsletter with the best journalism from around Colorado.

In marketing, we are constantly battling against unethical organizations who either take advantage of companies who don’t know any better, or advocate for haphazard solutions. While marketing is no science, we believe marketing agencies should be honest, transparent, and constantly work to add value for their clients.

When we met with Larry Ryckman of the Colorado Sun, it was clear we shared the same values—just in different industries. At Kokopelli, we love good journalism and in-depth articles. We believe ethics matter. We believe innovation matters. And we firmly believe in the Sun’s mission.

About Kokopelli:

We are full-service marketing agency located in Denver, Colorado which looks to tell the stories of people and companies across the globe.

The Colorado Sun Mission:

The Colorado Sun is a journalist-owned, ad-free news outlet based in Denver but which strives to cover all of Colorado so that our state — our community — can better understand itself.

In this way, we believe we can contribute to a more vibrant, informed and whole Colorado.

We are committed to fact-based, in-depth journalism.

Our goal is not to turn a profit. Our goal is to produce the best possible journalism.

More About The Colorado Sun:

If you’re looking for a marketing agency which is authentic, personable, and responsive you’ve landed in the right place. We encourage you to look at some of our work. We are a full-service marketing agency which can help develop websites all the way to creating complete marketing plans. If you think we can help, give us a call.

I strongly recommend the services of Kokopelli and look forward to more projects with them in the future. I needed more than just a company to shoot the videos. My desire was to have a company come in learn the product, write the script, find off site locations to video shoot, hire the voice over personnel, edit video, and hand me a draft video that only needed a few tweaks. They have provided that and more. Having done several product sales videos, client training videos, service videos and customer endorsement interview videos—we have completed a lot within the years time.

Jeff Hoch

Vice President, Operations, Wanco Inc.

We at Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital have been very pleased working with Brenden, Kayla and Kokopelli to tell the powerful stories of our clients and organization. As the leading provider of mental health and addiction care on the western slope, we really appreciate their enthusiasm in helping get the word out about the importance of mental health, and their sensitivity working both with our clients and our staff. The videos they have done for us have really touched the heart and been instrumental in our fundraising to build a new psychiatric hospital.

Sharon Raggio

President & CEO, Mind Springs Health

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